Awards Lighting: Golden Grandeur at the Emmys

awards lighting

The theme of this year’s Governor Ball following the 69th Annual Emmy Awards was Golden Grandeur yet not all that glittered was gold. That’s because the event, which at 4,000 guest is one of the largest formal seated dinners in North America, and its producer for the past 20 years, Sequoia Productions, was committed to making as many of the evening’s elements sustainable and reusable. For instance, all food and debris was composted afterward, carpet was donated to Habitat for Humanity, rentals were reused, and all lights and fixtures were energy-efficient. It was awards lighting for the next generation.

Inspired by the Emmy gold, the most dramatic element of the monochromatic design was sustainable as well. Five thousand tubes designed by Irma Hardjakusumah ranged from two to 20 feet in length. They were painstakingly installed vertically by Bill Ferrell Co. to create a sweeping wave effect in the ceiling of the Los Angeles Convention Center. But instead of made from metal or plastic, they were cylinders of paper painted in a biodegradable gold coloring.

Our senior lighting designer Ray Thompson created a play of lighting that would add movement across the tubes, at times totally change their color to go with the mood and the music, and create emotional crescendos when the evening called for them. See video at the end of this post.

We were proud to be part of this golden moment in awards lighting once again!

Photos: Nadine Froger