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A Product Launch that Melted Hearts with Color and Light

In Lighting Design by images310 / December 7, 2019
color and light

December is all about color, light and love! Our lighting designer Lonnie Thompson created a beautiful blend of all three at this product launch for Melt Cosmetics. A Dia de Los Muertos theme allowed the planner, Laurel Events, to really embrace color, and it was the perfect foundation for this bold makeup.

Event Planner: Laurel Events | Venue: The Majestic Downtown | Flowers: Celio’s Design | Rentals: Revelry Event Designers, Theoni Collection, Found Rentals, Town and Country Event Rentals | Catering: Jennifer Naylor

color and light
color and light

Primetime for Amazon Prime Video at the Emmys

In Lighting Design by images310 / October 18, 2019

Any event at the historic Chateau Marmont is also a love affair with old Hollywood. Located on Sunset Boulevard and designed after a royal retreat in France, it was the perfect venue for the Amazon Prime Video following the Emmy telecast.

That night Amazon celebrated a major win by The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, a show set in the sixties, itself a golden era of entertainment.

Our lighting designer Raymond Thompson splashed the garden with golden light, both on the landscape and architecture. In the lobby area where guests enter the garden, he added rich tones of amber to showcase the beauty of Hollywood’s own royal past.

Lighting a Love Built to Last

In Lighting Design by images310 / October 9, 2019

Every Sunday The New York Times carries on a time-honored tradition of featuring a wedding of note; one the writers have found to be sweet or unique in some ways, but worthy of a lot ink no matter what.

So it was that we opened up our Sunday paper last month to a surprise. The editors had rightly chosen to cover the loving, wildly colorful and upbeat wedding of Anthony Hemingway and Steven Norfleet.

The article was the second time Images by Lighting was surprised by this wedding. The first was when Billy Butchkavitz, a longtime client and designer known mostly for his iconoclastic work with HBO, was going off script and producing a wedding. Curt Stahl, Images’ Senior Lighting Designer who has worked with Billy on many of his projects, designed the lighting which was then installed by our other Senior Lighting Designer Raymond Thompson.

And so it was that our team, along with more than 300 guests gathered for a very unique wedding at the Newhall Mansion overlooking the Santa Clara River Valley in Piru, California.

The ceremony took place on the Victorian estate’s front
steps, the railings ornamented with a garland of magenta orchids and purple
lavender, in keeping with the wedding’s regal theme.

“In our own way, we had a royal wedding,” Anthony told The New York Times.

On the warm late-summer evening, the reception brought its own heat with tables filled with brightly colored linens and tall arrangements of magenta and fuchsia floral designs. The lighting design was produced on two levels – on the ground with a gobo texture of foliage and then above the heads of guests to the flowers, ensuring they popped against the night sky. At one point, everyone began to dance to Pharrell William’s rendition of Happy – the right song for the moment!

Photos: Gabor Ekecs

Lighting Napa Wedding
wedding lighting

The HBO Emmy After Party: Hollywood Lighting

In Lighting Design by images310 / October 2, 2019
lighting Hollywood

More than 2,000 people helped HBO celebrated its 137 Emmy nominations.
Once again HBO didn’t disappoint in terms of wins, or event design. Again, Game
of Thrones experienced a big win. And again HBO’s Cindy Tenner and Ashley
Covarrubias worked with longtime designer and producer Billy Butchkavitz who
assembled his winning event team.

This year Billy’s goal was to create an HBO nightclub. To do
so he drew inspiration from the works of photographer Helmut Newton and artist
Bjorn Wiinblad to design the event which was built over the Pacific Design
Center’s fountain plaza then tented.

The gray, black, taupe and gold color scheme was different
from years’ past in which Billy liberally explored and used color. To
complement the more subdued tones, our lighting designer Curt Stahl added a layer
of lighting textures over the entire guest areas. Around the perimeter and main
architectural points he added low-key amber tones to correspond with the gold
25-foot statue in the style of Wiinblad, the Dutch artist known for his ceramic
faces and for the masses of candles that were used at the entrance and for a
photo opportunity within the environment.

Gold sequin floors, a glittering HBO logo and dancers
dressed in a mosaic of mirrors were design nods toward the nature of the awards
as well as the very trophy itself — a winning combination by Billy and team
once again.

Designer / Producer: Billy Butchkavitz | Lighting Design: Images by Lighting, Curt Stahl | Projections: Bart Kresa Designns | Large Scale Décor: Agile Eye Solutions | Custom tent: So Cal Tents | Rentals: Town and Country Event Rentals | Perimeter walls, elevated subfloors, bridges and walkways, custom staging and bars: Special Event Contractors | Photos: Gabor Ekecs

Lighting Dark Phoenix Premiere

In Lighting Design by images310 / July 9, 2019
lighting dark phoenix premiere

Dark Phoenix, this summer’s latest installment of the X-Men series was a much-anticipated event. Lighting Dark Phoenix premiere entailed two completely different looks, mirroring the mutant powers of the main character, Jean Gray.

Instead of a red carpet entrance, the event planner, Jennifer Wang, wanted a “cracking ground” texture. We used high resolution glass gobos and extended the look into the main entrance area and its fountain. We also created a “blowing fire” effect for the lobby walls using a mixture of rotating glass gobos and projected a “X”in circle gobo on top of the blowing fire.

In the ballroom, the event planner wanted to represent the electricity of the Dark Phoenix. Our team, led by lighting design Nicholas Blasi, did this with a foundation of vibrant LED blue uplighting with a blend of high resolution glass “electricity” gobos over the walls.

 The ground was and
guest seating was washed in a soft gobo texture that carried the electricity
feel throughout the ballroom.

Event Production & Design: JWang Consulting | Venue: @thehollywoodroosevelt | Lighting: #imagesbylighting @nick_imagesbylighting | Furniture: @blueprintstudiosevents  | Furniture: @taylorcreativeinc | Rentals: @tacer_losangeles | Sound: @davidmeek_cbc_clearwave | Florals: @theemptyvase  | Linens: @bbjlinen | Photos: Line 8

It’s a Dog’s Life: Lighting the Discovery Ball

In Uncategorized by images310 / June 10, 2019

When it comes to making top event lists it can get a little
dog eat dog! So, kudos to our friends at California Science Center for making
the Biz Bash list of the Top Charity Events in Southern California once again
for its annual Discovery Ball!  This
year’s event was one for the books … or barks! The high-profile annual gala
typically centers its theme and decor around its newest exhibit—a family-friend
display called “Dogs! A Science Tail.”

The resulting black-tie take on a canine theme drew 1,000
guests and broke fund-raising records, generating more than $2 million to
support the museum’s educational programming and exhibits.

“We let this year’s party go to the dogs!” You
don’t hear that often! But then, Chris Sion, VP of food and event services,
doesn’t always theme the Discovery Ball after an exhibit on dogs. It was
raining cat and dog pun, especially in the dinner area.  

The Samuel Oschin Pavilion, which famously features the
space shuttle Endeavour, was transformed to resemble an upscale dog park, with
16-foot trees covered in twinkle lights, oversize floral centerpieces, street
lights, and green linens. A 10-foot-tall dog, custom-fabricated by florists CJ
Matsumoto & Sons, sat on stage. Meanwhile, Good Gracious Events prepared a
dinner menu full of tongue-in-cheek reference to canines. The salad course
featured a large crouton shaped like a dog, while the entree, playfully named
“Doggone Beef Steak Filet,” had a bone-shape biscuit and green beans
presented in the shape of a dog leash. Dessert was—what else?—a selection of
chocolate bark. 

With a theme centered on a Dog’s Tail, the event team took
every opportunity to have some fun, including the after party which took place
in the museum’s Loker Conference Center, which had been transformed into the
“Dog Houz Nightclub.” 

“With the assistance of Edge Decor and Design, we
created a quirky but hip after-party environment reminiscent of the inside of
an imagined dog house, upholstered in hot pink fur,” Chris Sion,  VP of food and event services, told Biz Bash.

“Our only regret was that the ultimate dog—Snoop
Dogg—was not available the night of the gala,” laughed Sion. “Of
course we had to ask!”

Venue: California Science Center | Lighting: Images by Lighting, Lonnie Thompson | Catering: Good Gracious Events and Pink Hot Dogs | Custom Art: Everblock (Lego dog), Lili Chin Art (auction paddles), Puppetude by Melissa Leitch (puppets) | Decor: Edge Design and Decor, Jackson Shrub, Theatreworld Backdrops | Flowers: CJ Matsumoto & Sons | Entertainment: Entire Productions, Invisible Touch Entertainment, Lucent Dossier | Rentals: Town and Country Event Rentals, Wildflower Linen | Photos: Nadine Froger

POW! Designing with Lighting

In Uncategorized by images310 / March 12, 2019
Designing with Lighting

“If you want drama and the ‘wow,’ it’s lighting every time.” We have to say, we love the philosophy of event producer Rose Forbes.

Forbes, owner of Two Tree Events gets the wow, and the pow, when she works with our lighting designer Nicholas Blasi. As a collaborator with her on this corporate event, he turned up his own super power — designing with lighting.

One of Forbes’ design mantras is that the space dictates the look of her events. The Optimist Studios with its large, blank walls and floor space was then the perfect choice for a super hero theme event that changed throughout the night. Big color and patterns gave Forbes the KA-POW-er design effect she desired. Using automated fixtures that could rotate and change throughout the night, Blasi alternated Squiggle and Paisley gobos in powerful, saturated tones. “While the walls around the dance floor changed, I wanted the gobos on the dance floor and the POW gobos to remain still.”

The effect was super fun and Xciting!

Producer: Rose Forbes, Two Tree Events | Photo: M Kobe Photography | Lighting: #imagesbylighting | Floral: Subrosa Floral Design | Rentals: Town and Country Event Rentals, Pasadena | Venue: Optimist Studios | Catering: Brown Paper LA | Cool Art Panels: Kasey Blaustein at Kasey Jones Ink | DJ: Albert Gonzalez at Heat Maxwell

designing with lighting
designing with lighting
designing with lighting

HBO Golden Globes After Party

In Uncategorized by images310 / January 23, 2019

For this year’s design of the HBO Golden Globes after-party,
Billy Butchkavitz was inspired by the muses of mid-century contemporary design
circa 1968 to 1973.

We love it when he gets specific like that! It challenges us to find just the right gobo projection patterns to complement the arced lines of the custom carpet and the graphic design on the linens.

Billy’s mandate — every surface covered in lighting
which  we were only too happy to fulfill.
Textured gobo projections of various shades of white and green were custom
carpet of arced lines, trellis design and green and white color scheme. A
central sculpture was the focus of the tented area while our lighting brought
focus to perimeter walls, tabletops and entertainment areas.

To completely immerse the guests in the design, for the first time Billy asked Bart Kresa to extend the 3D video on the main exterior wall of the space farther. To paraphrase that most famous of green celebrities, Kermit the Frog,  it may not be easy to be green, but it is easy – and fun – to turn an entire event space into a design that would make Kermit even greener with envy.

Designer: Billy Butchkavitz | Venue: Beverly Hills Hilton | Rentals: Town and Country Event Rentals | Props: Agile Eye Solutions | Lighting: Images by Lighting, Curt Stahl | 3D Projection: Bart Kresa Design | Photo: Gabor Ekecs

Premiere Lighting: Bad Times at The El Royale

In Lighting Design by images310 / October 10, 2018

premiere lighting

On the California-Nevada state border, in a seedy motel, seven strangers come looking for redemption before it’s too late. The new film, Bad Times at the El Royale, may sound dark, but thanks to our premiere lighting, its premiere event was decidedly not!

With two different environments on either side of the California-Nevada divide created by event producer Jennifer Wang of JWang Consulting, lighting would be a major design element that united the two looks into one cohesive event. Working closely with Wang, our lighting designer Nicholas Blasi had a lot of fun bringing the personalities of California and Nevada to light.

The line between the two was drawn – literally — in the pool of The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. Being such an integral part of the film and the design story, Blasi encouraged the use of a floating material for the line and lettering rather than projecting gobos so they would be clearly defined.  The static floating element worked perfectly and even had an unexpected side benefit. When they were hit with light, the letters were reflected on the bottom of the pool making the entire effect even more dramatic.

The line divided the pool area into California circa 1960s with a beach feel on one side of the pool. Here, the furnishings were retro, surfboards were set upright and uplit in warm amber tones, with vintage atomic style starbursts which created a finishing touch over the buffet.

Situated right along the California-Nevada line was a DJ on the roof with a prop from the film of the motel’s neon sign on one side and a jukebox that took requests from party guests.

On the other side of the pool, Nevada was portrayed by Las Vegas elements such as shimmering columns of beads, retro furniture, casino games with custom made purple felt, and casino themed neon signs all bathed in purple lighting with string lights over the bar area.

Gobo projections of palm fronds in both amber and purple on their respective sides of the border added another layer both in design and in helping to further tie the areas together.

Above it all, palm trees swayed and The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel’s own neon sign glowed red against the night sky, as the hotel easily slipping into character for its film noir role as a stand-in for one night as the El Royale.

Event Production/Design: JWang Consulting | Venue: The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel | Lighting: Images by Lighting, LD Nicholas Blasi | Sound: CBC Technical | Furniture Rental: Blueprint Studios | Linens: BBJ Linens | Neon Signage: Heaven or Las Vegas | Casino Games: South Bay Casino Rentals | Photos: Line 8 Photography

Premiere lighting

premiere lighting

premiere lighting

premiere lighting

premiere lighting

premiere lighting


Lighting Huntington Gardens

In Lighting Design by images310 / October 2, 2018

Everything is Coming up Roses

lighting huntington gardens

What do you do when the belle of the ball is a rose, yet she doesn’t show? That was the question facing event planner Emma Petievich a few months before the 500-person sit-down dinner for the annual Huntington Library Ball this year, themed “99 Years and Counting.”

“The event is always in a different location of the Huntington,” she explains. “And this year the committee wanted to show off a new planting of the Centennial Rose in the Brown Garden. For one reason or another, the rose wasn’t planted, but the event planted the seed of the Huntington’s upcoming 100th birthday.”

To begin the buzz around that rosy birthday, Petievich created a design in which everything was coming up roses. The design began with a pink arrival carpet lined with larger-than-life paper roses by Paper Gardens and continued with a pink-themed cocktail area, hot pink napkins on the tables, and pink accents amid a sophisticated black-and-white color scheme. Ombre patterns of roses by Jacob Maarse were placed in the middle of the tables.

Petievich is no stranger to turning any theme into a perfectly realized event, and she’s no stranger to the Huntington. She was with the site for five years until going on her own three years ago to pursue her own business. She has several annual charity events on her books, but was asked back to the Huntington in 2017 when they wanted to celebrate the library, only not in the library but outside. So she built large library stacks al fresco with the help of Town and Country Event Rentals and placed plush lounges, perfect for sinking into with a book, around.

Images by Lighting provided the lighting that year, this year, and for the past 25 years. Ray Thompson, senior lighting designer, and founder of Images by Lighting, knows what this audience wants.

“Lighting brings it all together, especially at an outdoor venue,” she says. “It’s about safety for guests but it’s also about the magic of being in a garden at night.”

The lighting this year included a soft gobo projection of a pave of roses in the lounge and on the dance floor. “We also highlighted the Boone Gallery, an adjacent building that served as another point of interest, with hot pink architectural lighting,” Thompson recalled. “And we created a structure in the garden per Emma’s design using trusses to hide the fixtures and minimize lighting towers. It also provided built-in rigging points for the lighting.”

“The Huntington is a special venue for me,” Thompson continued. “After this many years doing it, my favorite part is the light check before the event.”

The light check has become a tradition with the Huntington committee who enjoys coming by for a look and getting together with the event team for a toast. This year, they toasted 99 years of garden beauty and no doubt one toast for the Centennial Rose which, like any great belle of the ball, is starting to get ready for her big year now.

Venue: The Huntington Library |Planning and Design: Emma Petievich | Rentals: Town and Country Event Rentals | Catering: The Kitchen for Exploring Foods | Lighting: Images by Lighting | Floral: Jacob Maarse | Paper Flowers: Paper Gardens | Music: West Coast Music | Sound: Design Sound | Hedges: Boulevard Greenhouse | Lounge Furniture: Archive Rentals | Dance Floor: Barker Décor | Valet: Z Valet | Photos: Jamie Pham

lighting huntington gardens

lighting huntington gardenslighting huntington gardens

lighting huntington gardens

lighting huntington gardens

This is what the garden area looks like before the event!

lighting huntington gardens