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Paisley Pomp at the Veep Premiere

In Lighting Design by images310 / April 3, 2014

HBO Veep Premier Party 2014

Some designers have nightmares of color and pattern, fearing the dreaded “clash.” But to designer Billy Butchkavitz this is where his dreams come true. “As everyone knows, I’m not afraid of color and pattern,” he told BizBash at the premiere event of the HBO comedy, Veep.

HBO Veep Premier Party 2014

The event was paisley on paisley, beginning at the step-and-repeat wall. Even the cast of “Veep” seemed to be in on the theme.

The event, hosted by HBO at Paramount Studios, was a cacophony of bird fabrics and paisley patterns – the designer’s vision of how the show’s main character would designer her vice presidential residence.

 HBO Veep Premier Party 2014

Having worked with Butchkavitz numerous times over the years, Images by Lighting knew that too much is never enough in this talented designer’s sketchbook. To play up the paisley patterns on the banquettes, the linen and the walls, lighting designer Curt Stahl added paisley gobo breakup patterns on the path leading up to and then inside the 66-foot round tent that had been placed over the fountain outside the Paramount Theater.

 HBO Veep Premier Party 2014

“In addition,” Stahl says, “We installed 24 chandeliers in the tent, color washed the ceiling with LEDs, and spotlighted the centerpieces for drama and to make them stand out.”

 HBO Veep Premier Party 2014

The tent’s exterior was also lit with texture to complement the surrounding environment. “And the studio façade itself – a wall that flanks the event facility, was lighted,” Stahl says. By using lighting in this way, everywhere the 800 guests looked was part of the created environment.

 HBO Veep Premier Party 2014

At the candy station, Images by Lighting also added eight chandeliers in the tree to extend the interior look outside.

HBO Veep Premier Party 2014

Guests filled hollowed out replicas of a “biography” by the main character (which plays a large role in this season’s episodes) with candy.

 HBO Veep Premier Party 2014

While gilded chairs, bright red flowers, and the use of gold accents everywhere (even the ties of the waitstaff) added presidential pomp, Images by Lighting added the pop with lighting!

Photos: Gabor Ekecs

Lighting A Runway Fashion Show

In Lighting Design by images310 / March 25, 2014

An Event Where Careers Take Off

It’s a Friday evening and the team of Images by Lighting has been at Barker Hanger for five days, installing the lighting for an hour-long multi-media fashion show. Hours before 3,000 students take their seats for the show by the graduating class of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles, the lighting design team takes one final walk through.

The young fashion designers are making last-minute adjustments to their show, models are primping and ushers are taking their places. Images by Lighting makes a final light check and run-through on a covered box truss will become an architectural element of the show, lending added drama to several of the collections.

Images by Lighting FIDM

The statistics are impressive … 3,000 people for each of the three shows, 450 feet of truss, 230 conventional lights, 30 intelligent lights, 30 LEDS, 96 channels of changes. Then all of this will be changed out for the gala event on Saturday night when the chairs become round tables for a seated dinner and yet another fashion show.

Blocking the show.

Blocking the show.

The main show, called the FIDM Debut, is divided into four segments each with its own graphic design look and lighting design. The first section features collections from graduating students from FIDM’s Theatre Costume Design Program. This year the theme was Jazz. The second part of the show is called Chairing Styles, a creative collaboration between students in three FIDM majors: Textile Design, Fashion Design, and Interior Design.

Then there is the ode to the event’s sponsor, Cadillac, in which Cadillac’s art is interpreted through design and fashions. The runway show ends with the collections of the top graduating students from FIDM’s Advanced Studio Fashion Design Program. From a line of children’s wear to resort and men’s wear, social and even wedding collections, the lighting and graphics reflect the designer’s color palette and inspiration.

Images By Lighting FIDM

Images by Lighting is on the site for the five-day set up. On Monday, the truss is installed. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the lights are rigged and focused, and there is a dry run of the show. Thursday is the dress rehearsal with the first show at 5:30. Friday night there are two shows and on Saturday, a sit-down gala event.

“Images by Lighting has been doing the shows with FIDM for the past 10 years,” Ray Thompson, lighting designer, says. “About three years ago we were looking for something new. We’d used all the intelligent equipment there was and veteran producer Jim Watterson, was ready to retire. Then we introduced video mapping. We made the entire hard wall set into a video screen to orchestrate an entire show through video with imagery and effects. Together with Jim, we work hand-in-hand with students and staff in FIDM’s media department to create the imagery that is in the fashion show. They do a great job, and Jim spends countless hours on the images and the music for the show.”

The introduction of video that is used for imagery, branding and background, brought with it renewed excitement. “Jim even decided not to retire so he could explore the possibilities more,” Ray says.

Images by Lighting

One down, two to go!

This year the images at this state-of-the art show were big and bold – textures from nature, art and architecture. As the show came to its rousing end, it was clear that Images by Lighting did more than light a fashion show – it had shed light on the energy, wonder and excitement of a creative profession and the future for each of those young attendees.

Shining a Light on Oscar Weekend

In Lighting Design by images310 / March 17, 2014

The curtain has drawn closed on this year’s awards season. It’s at this point where we are able to look back at the build-up, the excitement and the work we did during that weekend.

The night before the Oscars, Images By Lighting was at the Beverly Hills Hotel at…what else but The Night Before Party? A benefit for the Motion Picture and Television Fund (MPTF), the entertainment industry’s charity, which raises money in order to provide healthcare, financial services and retirement living for members in the industry.

Working again this year with the talented Silver Birches, we provided the lighting for an event that, for our part, was more about what you didn’t see than what you did!

photo 8

The look was low key yet high end with a slant toward interior design. Silver Birches transformed the hotel’s ballroom into a living space with built-in banquettes, window surrounds and furniture to create a cool vibe. Working with them, the team of Images then came through to light those elements using lighting techniques culled from interior design.

photo 2

A break up pattern on the floor created a dreamy vibe to the room.

photo 4

Silver Birches designed and installed in this center banquette, the chairs, tables and ottomans. Our lighting, all from overhead, included the center arrangement as well as finely focused pin spotting on such details as the orchids on each table.

photo 1

Celebrity chefs created small plates throughout the evening. And even here, the soft use of pinspots lent an interior design feel.

photo 1

A closer look. You can see that this lighting would be perfect for a high-end kitchen, pinspotting a gorgeous floral piece.

Ribbet collage

Here is a great example of what we did to fulfill  our client’s desire to redesign the room. These lighting fixtures are normally not part of the hotel. Working with Silver Birches, we brought in a more contemporary chandelier in the foyer and wall sconces that fit the new design.


The next day, we were on the loading dock of Hollywood and Highland at the Green Room outside the Dolby Theatre where the Oscars would take place. Only, it certainly did not look like a loading dock!

The Green Room has been sponsored by the magazine, Architectural Digest since 2003. Each year it chooses a high-profile designer to produce the look of the room, or rooms as was the case this year. Images By Lighting has been honored to have worked with them this entire time to work with that designer in bringing his or her vision to light.

This year the designer was David Rockwell who conceived of a modern urban loft that would be a place of calm in the eye of the stressful storm of the Oscars.

Our role as the lighting designer was to produce lighting to complement his design, and yet, since this was a temporary structure, to employ event techniques which are temporary yet look permanent.


Photo courtesy of Architectural Digest

The look of recessed lighting was created by first placing the lighting on an overhead grid, and then carefully cutting the material around it to expose only the light, none of its hardware. The look was (pardon the pun) seamless.


Photos Courtesy of Architectural Digest


Creating a second room, a California garden room that adjoined the green room, was a first for the Academy Awards.

This room was enclosed by woven willow wall panels and cement tiles gave the floor a Mediterranean look.

We uplighted the tropical plants and added a canopy of string lights.

Rockwell’s intent, as he told the Los Angeles Times, was to create a look that “like dusk has ended and cocktail hour has begun,” with the lighting.

And so it did. As the day truly ended, the Images team celebrated yet another year of lighting Oscar-related events the same way many others ended that weekend — settling in with friends and family to watch the show!


SAG Awards

In Lighting Design by Images by Lighting / July 25, 2013

The Screen Actors Guild awards glittered at the Shrine last night, bringing its annual menagerie of boldface names and major media coverage. Event supervisor Andrea Wyn Schall of A Wynning Event organized the dinner with producer Kathy Connell, executive in charge of production Benn Fleishman, and the SAG awards committee. This year marked the 15th consecutive year Jeff Margolis Productions has produced the awards in association with Screen Actors Guild Awards L.L.C. More than 700 staff and crew members brought the event to life.

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Gala Space Shuttle

In Lighting Design by Images by Lighting / July 25, 2013

Looking for new ways to bring in big bucks for your annual charity event? Take a tip from the California Science Center: Bring a retired space shuttle into the venue. (We’re joking, but it does produce results.)

After it scored one of NASA’s coveted crafts late last year amid buzzy citywide pomp, the museum sold out tables for its Discovery Ball—even before the invitation dropped. Coupled with live auction tallies, the event, which took place under the wings of the Endeavour on Saturday night, secured a record-breaking night for fund-raising, taking in $1.5 million.

In celebration of Endeavour, this year’s theme was “Space Exploration: Past, Present, Future.” Overseeing the event was the museum’s vice president of food and event services, Christina Sion, who described the plan as intended to “take guests on a journey, not only through space but also through time.” Folks checked in at stations meant to evoke 1961, the height of the country’s interest in space travel. Dinner took place in the present, under the jaw-dropping spectacle of the Endeavour. An after-party in a nightclub setting was meant to conjure the future, 2099 to be precise, where guests boogied in a futuristic space inspired by Tron.

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Game of Thrones Premiere Party

In Lighting Design by Images by Lighting / July 25, 2013

HBO hosted a party for the second-season premiere of Game of Thrones at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel March 18 following a screening at TCL Chinese Theatre. Lighting Design by Images by Lighting. Set Designed by Billy Butchkavitz, the entire first floor and mezzanine level were made to look like the various moody landscapes of the popular fantasy series’ fictional continent of Westeros.

Warner Brothers International TV Gala

In Lighting Design by Images by Lighting / June 20, 2012

Lighting by Images by Lighting.  In a town with dozens of events every week, party guests frequently follow a standard valet-bar-buffet-valet pattern. But on a particularly crowded night for parties in Hollywood, one bash offered attendees out-of-the-ordinary options like, say, walking across hot coals or bearing witness to a giant flaming voodoo doll, along with the de rigueur plates of salmon and salad. That event was the Warner Brothers International Television Distribution gala, which drew 1,500 guests—including broadcasters from more than 170 countries and more than 125 actors and producers from the studio’s 50-plus TV series—to the Warner Brothers Studios lot on May 23 to fete Warner Brothers Television Group’s programming during the annual “L.A. screenings” for international buyers. It was the first gala of its kind since 2010, and only the second since 2004.

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Disney Media

In Lighting Design by Images by Lighting / May 29, 2012

Lighting by Images by Lighting.  Disney Media Distribution brought about 650 guests to Walt Disney Studios for its international upfront on May 20—and the event had some format tricks and tweaks up its sleeve to enliven the experience this year. Disney Media Networks vice president of marketing and publicity at Disney Media Networks Evelyn Geraci oversaw the event, tapping Russell Harris Event Group for the production, design, and management for the eighth consecutive year. This year’s theme was “more stories,” with hundreds of international media buyers coming to view the latest programming from Disney, ABC Television, and ABC Family.

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Cleopatra: the Exibition

In Lighting Design by Images by Lighting / May 21, 2012

Lighting by Images by Lighting.  There was gold, gold everywhere at the California Science Center on Friday night for its annual “Discovery Ball” fund-raiser which pulled nearly $1.2 million. The event this year drew inspiration for its theme from Cleopatra, the subject of “Cleopatra: the Exhibition,” which will open at the museum on May 23. The California Science Center Foundation’s event services department, led by vice president of food and event services Christina Sion, produced the event.

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Heart Foundation Gala

In Lighting Design by Images by Lighting / April 29, 2012

The Hollywood Palladium was the backdrop for Thursday night’s Heart Foundation gala honoring Dr. P.K. Shah and Kimberly Shah. The event drew a major celebrity lineup, with Dana Carvey opening, Michael Buble headlining a 60-minute set with a 12-piece orchestra, musical director David Foster, a guest appearance by Paul Anka, and Ryan Seacrest serving as M.C. Director of operations and donor relations Catherine Erlinger oversaw the event, tapping Dave Merrell and AOO Live, a new division of AOO Events, to produce.

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