Lighting the Oscars Greenroom

Oscars greenroom

In Hollywood, it’s always important that the lighting designer makes everyone look beautiful. That’s certainly the case at the Oscars Greenroom, where celebrities wait before going on stage. And, in this case, it’s also important the lighting makes them feel at home, literally.

This year the Rolex-sponsored space, which is constructed completely from the ground up in the Dolby Theatre steps from the stage, was designed by Event Eleven’s Tony Schubert to emulate a chic home in the Hollywood Hills.

The lighting techniques used were the same as those used in permanent homes —recessed and ambient lighting in the drop ceiling, as well as in a wooden bookcase in the main room, and accent lighting to highlight certain showcase pieces such as wall art, an artistic glass chandelier in the “front hall” designed by a Venice artist, the main room’s Maxalto sofa and the bar’s mirrored glassware rack framed in bronze.

Ambient lighting also alluded to the world outside the space – a suggestion to a patio beyond the room, and a floor-to-ceiling lightbox to give the illusion of a picture window looking out over Los Angeles.

The Oscars Greenroom was an extension of Hollywood where reality and fantasy meet every day and everyone is lit perfectly!

Ocars Greenroom

Design: Event Eleven and Tony Schubert for Rolex
Lighting: Images by Lighting
Photos above: Line 8
Photos below, in order: Robert Hanashiro / People Magazine

Oscars Greenroom

Oscars Greenroom

Oscars Greenroom