Images by Lighting began in 1982 in Los Angeles as one of the first event production lighting design companies.  We are very pleased to have had decades of continuous growth and much recognition in the Special Events industry and from our amazing clients.  In the years since lighting our first event, Images by Lighting has won many awards and earned the reputation amongst event planners, coordinators, venues, and individual clients for creative, beautiful, client oriented, and professional service. We continue to be a leader and an educator in the industry and are pleased to mentor and share ideas with our colleagues in the industry.

At Images by Lighting our passion is lighting and sharing what lighting can do to transform your experience and your special events. 

Lighting changes your experience, offers color and movement and creates additional dimension to a space and an event.  This dimension brings about more of an emotional response to the environment and creates layers of atmosphere that enhance the surroundings.  We specialize in the controlled manipulation of light.  Our award winning team of experienced professional lighting designers provide innovative concepts and designs for events, intimate to large, that create an exceptional environment and mood for your events   Images by Lighting uniquely draws together many years of experience, the latest technology and excellence in lighting design with expert technical calculations, state-of the-art computer simulated imagery and superior project management and client care.